dead pan

dead pan
Synonyms and related words:
anesthesia, autism, catatonia, chill, chilliness, cold blood, cold heart, coldheartedness, coldness, coolness, deadpan, dispassion, dispassionateness, dullness, emotional deadness, emotionlessness, expressionlessness, frigidity, frostiness, heartlessness, iciness, immovability, impassibility, impassiveness, impassivity, inexcitability, inexpressiveness, lack of affect, lack of feeling, lack of touch, objectivity, obtuseness, passionlessness, poker face, self-absorption, soullessness, spiritlessness, straight face, unemotionalism, unexcitability, unexpressiveness, unfeeling, unfeelingness, unimpressibility, unimpressionableness, unpassionateness, unresponsiveness, unsusceptibility, unsympatheticness, untouchability, withdrawal

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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